A part of my 2019 goal was to adopt minimalism..................... LOL

I should have been on extreme hoarders so when I heard about minimalism I don't know why I thought I really could attempt this extreme feat of strength.

I'm a collector of all things, I can not even begin to explain to you the things I keep because I think I can make art out of them.

It all started when I read an article on how billionaires live. I'm sure you all have seen Mark Suckerburg in the same damn clothes he wears everyday but Steve Jobs happens to be one of my idols and he did the same. 

My first step was to go on Pinterest ( the mothership ) to find the answers on how to live a life with less to increase my productivity... I hit so many roadblocks trying to find the one that was right for me since most of them are for middle aged women who clean up after their husband and kids...

That is not the stage of life that I'm in and when I do get to that point..... my husband can clean his own damn things and my kids will be taught to put away their lil toys just like my my mom taught me.

Since I've started the minimalism challenge, my life has definitely changed. I took it with all out enthusiasm at first but I am learning that it is a day by day experience and I am not Mrs. Incredible who can do superhuman things at a superhuman rate.

Here is a mini-minimalism challenge that I have curated from various pinterest listings that you can do if you feel compelled to be more productive by living with less !

#1. Your wardrobe. The best way to purge your wardrobe is to write down your personal style and stick with it. I had around 50 coats.... FIFTY COATS!? and for what??? I wear a hoodie and jeans every day. I picked my top 10 and put the rest aside. How I picked my top ten is if I have worn it more than 5 times. If not, it is a waste of space. That goes for all my clothing. I now have 10 coats, 10 bottoms, 10 shirts, 10 hoodies, 10 sweatpants, and 10 pairs of shoes. Everything else was donated, I let my friends take or I put on

#2. Makeup & Beauty. WHY AM I A SEPHORA ROUGE MEMBER WHEN I USE THE SAME DAMN PRODUCTS EVERYDAY !!!! I was a massive spender and it was truly unnecessary. Pick your favorite brushes, lipstick, foundation, whatever. If you haven't used it in 6 months, girl it is EXPIRED!!! throw that girl away. Or if it isn't and you just don't use it list on websites such as Mercari, Depop, whatever. Or give to a friend! I gather my friends together we all bring what we don't want and we have an exchange. SERIOUSLY, how many palettes do you need when you don't use them..... Minimalism is about being honest with yourself. Same with Hair Products. Whatever did not work for you, give to a friend or dispose. Don't feel bad about being "wasteful" because after knowing what you love, you will never be wasteful again. It brings clarity on what you will buy again so you eliminate the guessing of wasteful spending.

#3. JUNK - junk socks, junk underwear, junk hangers, junk linens, junk pillows, magazines, pens with no caps, pencils that you never use, purses that you never use, wallets, shoes, those things that you think you're gonna use but your not. THROW IT AWAY. except the socks :) socks are the most needed and the least donated clothing item for the homeless. Linens and Pillows as well. But if it is indeed trash. TOSS IT DUDE. It's not serving you, it doesn't bring you joy, and it is a physical block in your spiritual space.

#4. Develop a morning routine. Seeing what you do on a regular basis will serve your minimalism goals. You see what you need and what you don't need will guide your list of what you don't need. 

#5. Sort your photos into folders. On your phone. In your computer. Name your files accordingly. No more wasting time searching for something. Minimalism doesn't mean living with 5 items. It means giving yourself the pleasure of being able to find what you need.

#6. Organize your workspace. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF YOURSELF ORGANIZE YOUR WORKSPACE. If you love books like I love books, keep the ones you are reading and store the ones you don't use in a space that is out of sight & out of mind. If you have a thousand notebooks and your addicted to stationary, START OVER. Buy a new one and stick to that one. Then buy a second new one and start to write everything from the old ones into a new one where they are all coherent and in one space. and yes, TOSS IT when you are done. 

#7. Take it easy love, It's a process. I'm still trying to get the hang of it. Prepare for tomorrow today.

These are my tips for now.

Let me know if you try any of these! would love your feedback.

Love, Lucy Ford